Celebrating 20 Years of Linux

You’ve come a long way, Tux the Penguin.

The Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of the famous FOSS operating system, Linux — or GNU-slash-Linux, depending on how hard-line a fossie you’re talking to — with a slew of special events, both online and IRL. Linux enthusiasts can check out the official anniversary site for details.

The Foundation is also sharing a few other exciting news items, including:


  • The new High Availability working group, which will “help define the open-source HA stack and prioritize features.” A range of open-source projects and distros are participating in the working group.
  • The release of the Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 spec. This release addresses high-end data availability and security. According to the Foundation, “CGL is today a recognized standard for telecom equipment manufacturers who need to know their products will run on Linux.”
  • The Yocto Project‘s 1.0 release. This is the Yocto Project’s first major release since it began in late 2010. “Improvements to developer interface and build system are included in this common set of tools for building embedded Linux regardless of hardware architecture,” says a Foundation rep.

The landmark anniversary celebration is replete with digital goodies. If you’d like to pop a Linux Anniversary badge on your site, just use this handy HTML snippet:

<a href="http://www.linuxfoundation.org/
20th" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.linuxfoundation.org/
width="300" height="250" alt="I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with
The Linux Foundation!" border="0"></a>

Source : YAHOO! NEWS

You might also enjoy the commemorative infographic and video (titled The Story of Linux and featuringRichard Stallman in a cameo as St. IGNUcius) we’ve included below. Take a moment to look them over, and in the comments, reminisce with us about your Linux experiences over the years. I can still remember my first Red Hat box from early 2000 …


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